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Kate and William visit Poland [LIVE]

(fot. PAP/Paweł Supernak)

A garden party at the picturesque Orangery in Łazienki Park closed the first day of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tour to Poland and Germany. Here in front of 600 guests, Prince William gave a speech, appreciating Poland’s turbulent history and underlining the strong relationship between the two nations. This afternoon, the royal couple attended lunch with the Polish president and visited the Warsaw Rising Museum. Tomorrow Their Royal Highnesses will travel to the Pomerania region before leaving for Germany.

The royal trip, taken at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, is seen as another Brexit diplomacy, helping to maintain and strengthen the UK's relations with Europe as it leaves the EU.
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22:22 17.07.2017
Their Royal Highnesses concluded the first day of their visit to Poland. They spent an evening at a garden party in Łazienki Królewskie, where they were introduced to a mix of guests including those from the worlds of business, art, sports, fashion, and NGOs. Guests enjoyed the beautiful music played by a Polish orchestra led by Rafal Zambrzycki-Payne an award winning Polish-British musician.

22:15 17.07.2017
Anna Morawska-Borowiec, a reporter for the Polish National TV (TVP) evening news show "Panorama" and a creator of social awareness campaign "Faces of depression" met with Prince William tonight, in order t to talk about this increasingly common illness: "It has been an extraordinary meeting; I am hoping that perhaps in the future His Royal Highness might wish to support our efforts with his presence or at least a kind word. He was warm, charming and kind"-Borowiec said. In an interview, Prince William also admitted that he is familiar with the disease. His brother, Prince Harry suffers from it, as did his mother Princess Diana of Wales.
(fot. Anna Morawska)
21:25 17.07.2017
Prince William chats with the Polish basketball star, Marcin Gortat (Washington Wizards) and Alicja Bachleda Curuś, a Polish actress.
21:23 17.07.2017
Prince William continued to speak of Poland as a „remarkable example of courage, fortitude, and resilience” that „have survived centuries of assaults on your land. In the 20th century, Poland displayed incredible bravery in resisting brutal Nazi occupation, not least the heroic uprising in Warsaw’s Jewish ghetto in 1943, and the Warsaw rising of 1944.” The Duke of Cambridge read out a message from his grandmother, the Queen: „Prince Philip and I send our warmest wishes to everyone attending the garden party. We have fond memories of our visit to Poland in 1996.” The Queen’s message said that back in 1996 she spoke of the depth of the link between Poland and the UK, and that „since then it has gone from strength to strength.”
(fot. Reuters/Leszek Wdowinski)
21:23 17.07.2017
Prince William in a moving and reassuring speech reflected on the long-standing relationship between Poland and the UK: Mr. President, Minister, Ambassador, [Polish: Panie Panowie Dobry Wieczór Ladies and Gentlemen Good evening] [applause] A very good evening to you all. Thank you for joining Catherine and me at this very special occasion. Tonight we have double reason to celebrate, primarily the birthday of my grandmother the Queen, and the depth and breadth of shared ties between our two great countries. The links between Britain and Poland go back centuries and are steeped in rich history, cultural exchange, trade cultural relations. The Shakespeare theater in Gdańsk, which Catherine and I will see tomorrow, is a reminder that cultural links have long been at the heart of our close relationship. Shakespeare's plays were performed in Poland and indeed in Polish very soon after they were first staged in London.
20:53 17.07.2017
Duchess of Cambridge is wearing Polish designer Gosia Baczynska.
20:34 17.07.2017
Prince William praised Poland as a symbol of „courage and resilience". Duke of Cambridge demonstrated a thorough knowledge of Polish history and culture, underlining „the warmth of the relationship" between the two countries. Prince William also shared a brief note from Queen Elisabeth II who recalls her visit to Poland in 1996 and is sending her „warmest wishes."
20:23 17.07.2017
The royal couple greets Polish politicians and members of the government including Beata Kempa, Jacek Szyszka, Adam Bielan, prof. Piotr Gliński. Jonathan Knott, the British Ambassador to Poland greets the guests in Polish.
20:08 17.07.2017
20:02 17.07.2017
Radio Information Agency disclosed the royal couple's entry in the Warsaw Rising Museum's guest book. Prince William and Duchess Kate called their visit to the Museum „a profound and deeply moving experience". They underlined that this place „reflects the spirit and courage of the Polish nation" and stated that they „will remember."
19:41 17.07.2017
– Polish history deserves a tribute. Thanks to this visit we have a chance to present our history to the whole world. It is a worthy promotion of our country. Our history, is a noble history, well worth talking about. It has been demonstrated today – said Krzysztof Szczerski, Polish president's Chief of Staff. Szczerski compared this year's events to what was going on in Warsaw a year ago- a NATO summit and the visit of Pope Francis.
19:39 17.07.2017
19:18 17.07.2017
In Łazienki Królewskie, the final preparations before the Queen's Birthday Party are taking place. The guest list includes 600 people. Prince William is scheduled to speak at 8 p.m.
19:10 17.07.2017
Among the guests invited to the banquet with the royal couple is a Polish fashion designer Gosia Baczyńska.
17:54 17.07.2017
17:49 17.07.2017
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived at Belvedere, where they are to spend the night. The royal kids: Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have child-friendly amenities such as a slide in the backyard or a playhouse teepee in their bedroom. The royal suite is a duplex with impressive views of Łazienki Park.
17:45 17.07.2017
During their lunch at the Presidential Palace the royal couple enjoyed blins with smoked salmon and sour cream, followed by grilled duck with apricot puree and corn salad.
17:00 17.07.2017
16:58 17.07.2017
16:46 17.07.2017
"I am going to meet the royal couple later tonight" said David Wolinski, a designer. Polish celebrities are gushing over the British Embassy banquet.
16:37 17.07.2017
Prince William and his wife, Catharine arrived at the Warsaw Spire- a flagship skyscraper in the city center. There, they are to meet with young Polish entrepreneurs and talk about British-Polish business cooperation.
16:37 17.07.2017
The royal couple lit a candle in memory of heroes of the Warsaw Uprising'44.
16:30 17.07.2017
Alexander's McQueen outfit worn by the Duchess of Cambridge on her visit to Poland has caused quite a stir. As it turns out, it is available on sale. Garment, initially prized 2,395 euro is now 60% off. The suit has been tailored from mid-weight ivory wool and silk-blen.
16:25 17.07.2017
Prince William attentively listens to prof. Jerzy Majkowski's recollection of the Warsaw Uprising.
16:15 17.07.2017
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge listened with interest to the story of Warsaw Uprising of 1944- the Polish attempt to liberate Warsaw from German occupation. Although the Polish Home Army resistance was defeated after 63 days, the rising is remembered as the largest single military effort by any European resistance movement during World War II.
15:54 17.07.2017
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive at the Warsaw Rising Museum. The couple was greeted by the Museum's director Jan Ołdakowski.
15:53 17.07.2017
15:40 17.07.2017
15:34 17.07.2017
Prince William stops to comfort a crying child.
15:34 17.07.2017
The royal couple meets with the cheering crowd in Krakowskie Przedmieście.
15:26 17.07.2017
The Duchess of Cambridge is talking to the local children. She is accompanied by her husband Prince William as well as the Polish presidential couple.
15:24 17.07.2017
The royal couple has left the Presidential Palace and is headed for a meeting with inhabitants of Warsaw.
15:02 17.07.2017
The crowd in front of the Presidential palace grows from one minute to the next. Inhabitants of Warsaw are waiting for the royal couple to emerge.
15:01 17.07.2017
14:58 17.07.2017
For her official visit to Poland, the Duchess of Cambridge chose an exceptionally tailored Alexander McQueen's blazer in white, paired with a matching skirt.
14:46 17.07.2017
During the visit the royal couple will get a chance to try traditional Polish food, such as dumplings with veal, crabmeat and salmon. For starters herring, lard and Polish bread will be served.
14:39 17.07.2017
Tomorrow, during their visit to Gdańsk the royal couple will receive amber jewelry and cufflinks.
14:22 17.07.2017
Prince George is wearing shorts despite the cold weather. Shorts on young boys are a silent British class marker.
14:21 17.07.2017
The royal couple together with the Polish presidential couple are walking around the gardens of the Presidential Palace, Warsaw.
14:12 17.07.2017
Their Royal Highnesses arrived at the Presidential palace where they are meeting with the Polish presidential couple.
13:57 17.07.2017
The Royal couple has left the airport and is headed towards the Presidental palace- Belvedere.
13:56 17.07.2017
13:48 17.07.2017
13:47 17.07.2017
Kate and William are getting out of the plane. The Royal couple is accompanied by their children: son George and daughter Charlotte. The girl is dressed in a pink dress, the boy, in line with protocol, is wearing shorts.
13:44 17.07.2017
Journalists are waiting for the arrival of the Royal couple.
13:38 17.07.2017
The Royal couple William and Kate, together with their two small children, Charlotte and George, are expected to arrive in Warsaw around 2 p.m. local time. They will be greeted by President Duda and the First Lady at the Presidential Palace. On Tuesday Their Royal Highnesses will travel to the Pomerania region before leaving for Germany. Krzysztof Szczerski, Polish president’s chief of staff called this visit a symbol of friendship and respect: “An expression of an excellent relationship between Poland and Britain.”
13:31 17.07.2017
George and Charlotte will have fancy toys to play with in Belweder Palace.
13:29 17.07.2017
Journalists await for William and Kate's arrival at Okęcie Airport.
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